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Millennium Hotels asked Who’s For Dinner to contribute to their guide to London’s Hidden Gems recently. The guide helps both Londoners and tourists find some of London’s hidden foodie gems! It’s a great list and we spotted a few places that we had never heard of before! Megan’s was one of our gems (read our review of Megan’s here), check out this great map and find out some great places to eat around London.

London's Hidden Gems

An Evening At Sheba of Brick Lane

I was recently invited to sample the menu at Sheba by the owners of this 40+ year old Brick Lane institution. I have actually been to Sheba a few year back, before I started this blog so it was nice to be invited as a guest*.

Sheba Restaurant opened in 1974 is now one of the oldest family-run Indian/Bangladeshi restaurants in Brick Lane. In 2012 the restaurant was named the best Indian restaurant in Brick Lane by the UK Restaurant Guides and also best in East London by Fluid London. It has a strong legacy to uphold and I admit I was willing to really put this legacy to the test. I love Brick Lane, I love the haggling with street hawkers, the authentically East London vibe which still remains in this area and most of all I love the food.  I was enthusiastic to see what Sheba had to offer since the last time I had visited. The interior is nicely decorated, with a stylish interior and it has a quite romantic feel to it which is probably to do with the dimmed lighting but it added to the overall warm ambiance of the space. The staff were friendly and not just to me (as a reviewer), I overheard a rather tense exchange with a customer who seemed to have expected more from his food portions than he received. The staff dealt with it really well and offered him extra food, as you will see from my images the portions are generous but they seemed to have a good customer service policy in place, they listened to him rather than dismiss him. I was impressed by this and then, of course, continued to mind my own business! LOL!

My friend and I both ordered Mogul Tandoori Lamb Chops, marinated in Indian spices and grilled “to perfection” according to the menu. They were definitely grilled although perhaps not to perfection, the boned section of the chops were completely charred which did not look appealing. Thankfully the meat itself was indeed succulent, tasted fresh and the mint sauce that came with it had a lovely subtle sweetness that went really well with the chops.

Sheba Lamb Chops

My friend order Sylheti Sizzling King Prawns, prawns marinated overnight in Bengal sauce, ginger, garlic and mixed spices which is grilled in the Tandoori oven and served on a bed of onions, still sizzling. Any dish that arrives at the table still sizzling is always a crowd-pleaser! We ended up sharing each other’s main coursed and these prawns had the perfect balance of spice and juiciness. The only thing that was missing was a side sauce of some sort to go with them, if my friend did not have my more sauce based dish to try, it would have been a bit dry with just rice.

I went for the King Prawn Coriander which contained large king prawns cooked with homemade coriander paste, aromatic spices, mustard, green chilies, onions and yoghurt. Although it is described as medium to hot in terms of heat, I must admit that I didn’t notice but my taste buds when it comes to chilies are not to be trusted…I eat chilies like most people eat chips (OK not that many but close!). This was a more sauce based dish and was moreish and generous in portion size with plenty of prawns and a great coriander flavour infused into the prawns.  It went well with the pilau rice that the waiter recommended too so overall it was a winning dish.

King Prawn Coriander

King Prawn Coriander with Pilau rice

Overall this was a great meal in a lovely space. You can tell that it as a family run business which is always nice to know, encouraging small businesses to thrive in the midst of ever-changing regeneration areas.  A meal for 2 including one round of drinks, a starter and main each came to just under £50 which in my opinion is great value for London. If you haven’t been to Brick Lane yet Sheba is a great place to start, you won’t regret it…there’s a reason it has so many accolades, it’s because it deserves them.

136 Brick Lane, London E1 6RU

*I did not receive any kind of monetary compensation for writing this review, the cost of my meal +1 was wavered for an honest review. All views are my own.

Foodie Event: Discovering African Cuisine in the Digital World

Who’s For Dinner is Proud to support this African Foodie event which focuses on regaining African cuisine’s heritage with technology. Who’s For Dinner Founder, Ronke Lawal will be chairing the panel discussing how African Foodies can use technology to celebrate and promote their cuisine.

Technology makes food discovery easier than ever, but most African ethnic cuisines remain relatively unknown. Why is ethnic food’s cultural heritage so poorly claimed?

What if we celebrate how technology is putting ethnic cuisine on the move?

Using the example of African cuisine, let’s discuss how we can leverage technology to regain ethnic cuisine heritage, enrich it to create a unique identity, and ultimately democratise it in the digital world. Let’s celebrate the greatness of African cuisine!

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