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Win A Set of Chosan By Nature Exotic Organic Drinks Inspired By Africa

We have 2 sets of Chosan by Nature Drinks to give away, Chosan by Nature drinks are all contain one amazing natural ingredient – the organic hibiscus flower and are inspired by African tradition.  Each set consists of 2 flavours: Pure Hibiscus, Hibiscus with Refreshing Mint, Hibiscus with Fiery Ginger and Baobab Superfruit.

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chosan lifestye 1

You can read a review of the drinks here:

A Taste of Chosan By Nature Drinks


Summer Flavours With Degustabox

Each month the team at Degustabox sends me a foodie box to review and sample. The August box was filled with even more eclectic food treats that I have come to expect. If you don’t know by now Degustabox is a monthly subscription surprise tasting box. Every month Degustabox selects and sends out a different range of new and limited edition food products from well known and independent food brands. It is good value, for a monthly fee (with no commitment or obligation) of £12.99  customers get a box of goodies which is worth approximately twice that and delivery is included in the price.


I love tea so it was great to receive a box of Clipper Green Tea infused with lime and ginger. I have purchased Clipper tea before so I already knew that the tea  would be flavoursome and of a great quality. The distinct flavours of lime and ginger make a great flavour combination with the subtle taste of green tea.

Clipper Green Tea

The NutriPots are a healthy alternative to pot noodles (which I have never been a fan of), according to the brand descriptoon every pot contains 50% of all the 28 vitamins and minerals our bodies require in a day. This sounded amazing and I was excited to taste the contents of both the Aromative Thai noodles and the moroccan couscous. Simply pour boling water into the pots, stir and allow to soak for 3 minutes. Unfortunately I did not enjoy the thai noodles at all, I found the consistency lacked in flavour and there was a residue from the powder that I could still taste despite following the instructions. The Moroccan coucous was only slightly better but I could still taste the powder residue and the flavour was just not bold or authentic enough for me. Perhaps I am too used to making fresh noodle stir fry and cous cous from scratch but these just were not for meNutriPot

NutriPot NutriPot

The Get More multivitamin drink was definitely refreshing and it was good to know that it topped up my daily vitamin intake with no added sugar which is a benefit. I enjoyed this simple yet delightful sparkling water drink which was infused with lemon and lime.Get More DrinksI love olives and so I was excited to try the Oloves brand, freshly packed flavoured olives in a handy snack sized bag. I enjoyed the chilli kick with these olives although I would have liked a few more in the pack and I found them to be slightly drier than I’m used. I had these with the Rakusen’s Snackers which are great mini cracker biscuits which have less than 1% fat and work well with lots of different toppings. I had mine with some feta cheese and they were a great savoury treat.

Oloves and Rakusen's snackers

Geeta’s Curry pastes are an easy to use way of making really great tasting curries at home, the special blend of spices mean that they do bring out the best flavours from whatever meat/fish you use. I made a lamb rogan josh which I enjoyed and was perfectly balanced with the rice I had it with. If you’re looking for a quality curry paste this is definitely worth trying. I drank Mahou Cinco Estrellas with my curry and I have to say I pretty much gulped it down. It was light with a mild taste which makes it really easy to drink and perfect with a rich meal like a curry.

Mahou Cinco Estrellas and Geeta's curry paste

I love popcorn so Willy Chase’s Fit corn was the perfect treat, this salted honey flavour was a perfect balance of sweet and savoury.  You can taste that this is made from quality corn which by the way is grown and harvested in Herefordshire, UK. It certainly has that “fresh from the farm” taste. I thoroughly enjoyed eating this treat! Chase's fit corn

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A Taste of Tofu From Mori-Nu

I am a very dedicated meat lover. I have of course eaten vegetarian meals before but tofu always seemed so boring to me until I realised that it’s not necessarily tofu’s fault, it’s how it’s been prepared. Tofu has a unique ability to soak up flavours like a sponge and it provides a low fat, high-protein, dairy and gluten-free addition to meals which is perfect for health conscious individuals like myself and of course those who don’t eat meat or consume dairy at all.

I was sent silken tofu to try, I didn’t know there were different types of tofu, according to many surveys most people prefer to use form tofu.  I found this silken tofu to be smooth and perfectly creamy.

Silken Mori-nu tofu

I decided to try a very simple baked tofu recipe, marinating the tofu in soy sauce before baking on a medium heat for less than 15 minutes. It came out as a perfect snack treat and the flavour of the soy sauce had soaked up into the tofu in such a way that it made for a moreish yet simple snack. It was like a smoother version of feta cheese (obviously different flavour) but the creamy texture made it delightful to try. Silken Mori-nu tofu

Mori-Nu tofu can be found on the shelf alongside the other authentic Japanese ingredients in the world food section. I can’t wait to try other recipes with this tofu and will now make more of an effort to use it as an alternative to meat as part of a healthier diet.